British Theatre Guide **** review

“Sarah-Louise Young moves from two highly successful years on the Free Fringe to the Underbelly in her latest one-woman cabaret show and it’s a sparkling performance as is the dress she wears in her first persona as Bernie St Claire. She sings with experience of the nightclub circuit, all sultry and sexy yet washed up. The next Diva Young plays is Karsha the Eastern European, seductively dressed in a purple cat suit and suitably feline in her delivery. She tells the packed audience, “I came to work in the sex industry but no job so I work in a primary school.” A new character is Baby Doll and her Doll, child star of the cult TV hit Rainbow Creek, treads the fine line between the innocent joys of childhood and the dark comedy of a small girl who refuses to grow up. Her final Diva is the tortured French chanteuse La Poule Plombée, complete with kitchen knife and suffering from clinical depression. All Young’s characters are delivered with style and a certain savoire-faire. She is highly entertaining with a talent that simply oozes with confidence. This is a captivating hour of cabaret at its very best.” Robin Strapp